Friday, September 3, 2010

HoW 2010: New Orleans

House of Writers meets in New Orleans, Labor Day Weekend 2010
l. to r.: Dwight, Julia, Jared, Mike, Sandra, Gita, Teresa
not pictured: Shauna, Michael


  1. I've never seen Gita with her mouth closed before! Woot, Looks like an intense discussion. Where are the party pix??

  2. I know this can't be the only picture ya'll took, where's the rest? START SPILLING and quit holding out!

  3. The best photos, like the best stories, will remain in our heads. ;-)

  4. We didn't necessarily have the camera out for the best bits anyway! Nice to see this reasonably obscure pic Michael - thanks

  5. Many photos taken by several of us can be viewed in Isabelle's collection at Shutterfly. I posted this one here because I thought it captured the mood of the event. In many ways, I felt as if the were the first real "writers' convention" at which I was fortunate to take part. Hoping to see many more friends at HoW2.


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