Monday, February 14, 2011

Guest Poet: Bill Lapham


For Darlene

I know you know
There's an icy harbor
In my heart for
Hallmark days.
But it melts when
I think of you.
Why do we get
Jostled like we do,
Find ways always
To remain steady
Through it all, and
Kiss at the end
Of the day, still
In love?

© William Lapham 2011

Bill Lapham is a retired submarine Chief of the Boat and a recent graduate of the MLS program at U of M-Flint. He and Darlene live in Brighton, MI.


  1. Thank you my sweetheart! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I LOVE YOU with all my heart. Who needs a card when you have got the real thing!

  2. It's a privilege to hear men reveal our softer sides to our partners- here's to you and yours Bill

  3. Oh Bill, you silver tongue devil, you. This was great.


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