Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guest Writer: Jeanette Cheezum

Little Black Dress

“Hi Dotty,” his eyes lit up when she came into the wallpapered room.
“Momma, why doesn’t he call you by your name?”
“He thinks I’m Dotty, wait until he tells you his favorite story.”
“Come sit next to me little girl,” he grinned large.
“Grandpa it’s me . . . Melody, don’t you remember?” She gave him a hug.
“You know I dreamed about her last night” he pointed to his daughter, smiling even more.
“What happened in your dream?”
“I had hair,” he laughed out loud, “black.”
“Then what Grandpa?”
“I heard a commotion—looked around to see what the chatter was about. Dotty walked into the room every man looked her over. She had her black mini-skirt on and her legs ran all the way up to her--”
“Poppa!” She shook her finger.
“Dotty had one of those low cut tops on and they were spilling out.” He cupped his hands.
“Okay Poppa that’s enough she can figure out the rest.”
“Wasn’t Grandma’s sister named Dotty?”
“Yep, it’s a good thing Momma never heard this story.”

© Jeanette Cheezum 2010

Jeanette is always dreaming of cruising when she’s not walking on the Chesapeake Bay. She can write anywhere and has.


  1. Aren't families wonderful ? (when they're not feuding...)

  2. Poor ould gramps, still enjoying the past.

  3. Thanks for your nice comments. Grandpa may pop up from time to time.

  4. No room for offence in the bliss of confusion - nice thought. Good, insightful piece, Jeanette.

  5. I love to read stories that are not what you would've expected. Funny and sweet.

  6. Thanks Carrie and Norman. :)

  7. Jeanette, I think it's time you considered writing a book of flash fiction! You're a pleasure to read!

  8. Adorable, Jeanette. A flash of sweetness.

  9. Like a little Hershey's kiss with the crunch of almond ... Delightful, Jeanette.

  10. Sal, do you really think I could flash my shorts?
    Teresa and Mikey, thanks for reading my story.

  11. Nice one, Jeanette. This needs to be expanded. Grandpa has a lot more going on in his head that needs to come out. Flashing your shorts would be a good start. Could even become a new trend. Let's bring back 'streaking' while we're at it.
    I'm thinking maybe a children book of 'Tales From Grandpa'.

  12. Kawfeeee, thanks so much for coming by and reading Little Back Dress.
    Grandpa might have to tone his antics down a bit for the children.

  13. Jeanette GallagherMay 19, 2010 at 10:28 PM

    Jeanette, you are such a creative writer and story teller. Great story and like the others I think Grandpa has more to tell. So glad you told me about this web site. Thanks for sharing. I love your work.
    Jeanette Gallagher

  14. Mike Handley, I love Hersheys. Makes me feel happy.

    Jeanette G. thanks for finding this and commenting.

  15. This story zings to life with such reality that I can see the twinkle in Grandpa's eye... And the bittersweetness of tender moments in the aged touched by Alzheimer's. Wonderful, Jeanette.

  16. Ha! I love it! Makes me think of my Grandpa.

  17. Yea those lovable cusses. It's a good thing we all had them.

  18. Short and sweet, like little blach dresses. Good stuff, JC. Peace...

  19. I came late to this party, and everyone else has said what I'd have said: good flash, compact and revealing a family secret, perhaps?

  20. Thanks Linda.

    Thanks Gita, not from the family, but I am around a lot of seniors and my mind never stops.

  21. This story is brief but it's quite amusing. It is always fun to listen to a with-it oldster who knows what s/he's saying, but makes it sound like a slip of the tongue, and then winks as if to say, "Don't count me out yet." Although you won't find those exact words in the story, Jeanette has told us the tale in such a way, that we can tell this Grandpa is just that sort of person.

  22. ROTFL, I swear to God I left a comment on this ages ago, but as I am finding while trying to catch up on a few of the blogs I've missed, I found my comment nowhere to be found!

    This was a great little snippet and the dialog was great.

  23. Thanks Nic and Michael.


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