Monday, October 15, 2012

HoW - OFWC Winners: 2012

Old-Fashioned Fiction Writing Contest
2012 Winners

1st Place: You Shall Be My Brother by Bill Lapham
2nd Place: Obsolete Medium by Bill Floyd
3rd Place: Two Dishes of Very Nice Salad by Amy Hale Auker

Gita M. Smith:
I believe in rewards for good writing and wanted to do something for our little online writers' community. So I laid out the contest, found a few good prize ideas and roped a few friends into judging the stories. They had no idea whose stories they were reading, either. Ten people entered (I'd hoped for more, I will confess) and, as promised, we're now printing the winners here on MuDJoB. I'd like to do it every year, or as long as I am employed and able to buy prizes.


  1. Thank you, Gita for opening the contest.. thank you Mr. Michael for hosting the winners.
    FABULOUS stories, as always.

  2. Gita, I thank you for sponsoring the first (annual?) Old-Fashioned Fiction Writing Contest. I had fun participating. And I am so grateful you directed the results toward this venue. My fingers are crossed that everyone be pleased with the results, and that we may all (along with others) collaborate again on such a worthy endeavor.
    Thank you, writers, and thank you again, dear Gita.

  3. This was so much fun, Gita. I loved being a part of it.


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