Friday, March 8, 2013

Joey Delgado


i guess this is a testimonial
the room is too dark for it to be conversational
no angsty teenager here, just a grownup
a man of thirty, can you believe it
thirty, thirty, thirty, thirty
flirty thirty, dirty thirty
not me though
i’m wordy thirty
words in the supine position come easier
but they are difficult to read
believe me they are even more difficult to understand
the light from my Ikea lamp is dim
as dim as the memory of me buying it
or maybe it was a gift
speaking of nightstands with packed drawers
unspeakable things in the top one
junk in the bottom
the bottom drawer is speakable
courier bag filled with books propped up against nightstand
blocking bottom drawer
guess top drawer is most easily accessible
cigarette smoke floats past my screen
filters words these innocuous words
who enjoys that
don’t people enjoy meat
but i don’t have any meat to offer just steamed veggies
you like? steamed veggies cauliflower broccoli carrots
should i open that top drawer
you want to see the meat
i know you because i know me
okay let me snub out my ciggie
love the way it sounds being crushed against the ceramic ashtray
pulling open drawer
can you hear it sliding on those little plastic wheels
gonna close my eyes and reach in
pull out the first thing i grab
oh my
this one’s a doozie

© Joey Delgado 2013

Hey, my name is Joey and sometimes I scribble things that I like. Sometimes. I like this one, hope you do too. I try to write things that hit me emotionally, and hopefully the readers as well.
My Twitter address is @JoeBobsThoughts


  1. I like 'the bottom drawer is speakable' and yes, emotional is how this makes me feel. Nice scribbly ramble.

  2. Go ye and ramble forth, Joey D. Love it!

  3. this is really efffect me, it was something truly unique where can i find more?

  4. ** i know you because i know me**
    sometimes you can be righty-right but sometimes you could be wrong...

    Sickened by smell of stale ashtrays but dying to peek at the toys in the drawer!
    great piece, Joey Dee.


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