Friday, May 24, 2013

Harris Tobias


After the three bears caught Goldilocks trespassing, they reverted to type and tore her apart. They ate what they could and scattered what was left of her into the woods. They then went on about their bearish business.

Several hours later, a family of buzzards, sensing carrion, landed on her decomposing corpse. Father vulture dipped his bald head deep into Goldilocks’s chest cavity and pulled out her lungs. After eating a few bites he announced, “These lungs are too fresh.” He then flew into the nearest tree and waited.

Mother vulture tore out an eyeball and swallowed it down. She hesitated for a moment before tearing out the other one. She licked her beak and declared, “These eyeballs are too old.” She then flew into the same tree and waited.

Baby vulture ripped into the rotting remains and tore off a sizeable strip of flesh. He gulped it down and ripped off another. “Mmmm mmm,” he said at last, “I think this carrion is just right.”

Mother and father vulture, unwilling to leave the entire feast to their offspring, reconsidered their hasty opinions and joined him in the meal. After a while the vulture family flew off leaving behind nothing but a young girl’s bones.

© Harris Tobias 2013

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