Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pepper Dolls

While some of the writers were having a discussion after dinner, and the most fastidious were taking their plates to the kitchen, the devil within Mud set him to cutting up two tiny strips of paper dolls, five men astride and five women dancing. There had been eleven at the table, but one of the dancers had only come out by half, and so as not to appear lame, she was discarded. Certainly, a fragment of the observing souls of all who remained seated was immediately drawn into one of the figures. For those that were ambient or still on their way, well, they would have to share a doll’s eyes or take turns because these were special cutouts made to keep watch over this space long after the night in question. Attempting to find a spot that might not be cleaned frequently and noticing a thick layer of dust on crystal in the corner cabinets, Mud placed the tiny watchers on a door lintel where he hoped they would remain undisturbed for the foreseeable future. So, if you have the urge to return and observe, or if you just want to peep in on a magical space, fly there one night in a dream, and disregard those beige people watching the television we never turned on or who may be sleeping in our beds, but be careful not to disturb the karma in any way because remember the devil had a hand in this, and he’s an ornery cuss to mess with.

© Michael D. Brown 2013

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