Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guest Writer: Michael D. Brown


There are verdant woods and a river
In the mountains where I dream,
Though perhaps it’s not a river
But just a sun-drenched stream.

There are faces on the rocks and trees.
Oh, I know it’s a trick of light
And shadows and my perception
That they have thoughts and sight,
But I like to think they’ve watched the women
Wash clothes and children play –
Standing to ponder eternity
As generations pass away.

Through gaps in the leaves on the ridge,
I see boys and girls aglow,
Practicing their dance-steps,
Unaware of this ¨life¨ below.
When these children are men and women
And have children of their own,
The ancient rocks and trees will stand
And know what they have known.

There are verdant woods and rivered rocks
In the mountains to the east
And perhaps they will be standing there
When all the dancing’s ceased.

© Michael D. Brown 2010

Michael Brown is from New York and resides now in southern Mexico where he teaches ESL to teenagers. He is also the maintenance man on MuDJoB and loves to read and write.


  1. love the generations pass away stanza - so visual. and the repetition works so well, too. you rock, michael!

  2. "The ancient rocks and trees will stand
    And know what they have known." I love the feel of the whole poem, but those two lines say it all.

  3. I felt the images in your poem, and I enjoyed reading your words in this form. You have an interesting, thoughtful, and entertaining theme this week.

  4. I love this, I love this, I love this! This is by far one of my favorite pieces you've written.

  5. Michael, this is beautiful. I agree with Elliott.


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