Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guest Writer: Nicole E. Hirschi

The Battle for Time

Tick… Tick…
The music’s stopped.
Eerie silence
Frozen in time,
Where circles abound
My heart beat,
In my ears
Their voices
Once prolific,
But up until now
Only silence
Was to whom
I’ve been bound.

Writer’s block.
Great wonders hidden
In small packages
Unlock the door
With missing key.
The Muse purrs
“Pandora’s Box
Open it, its yours.”
The missing world,
Once-silenced Voices,
Rush back
And time is
Mine again.

© Nicole E. Hirschi 2010

Nicole E. Hirschi writes when Muse and Time agree with her. Also known as Coraline J. Thompson, her short flashes can be found splashed acoss the net and in a few books as well. Read more of her work at


  1. I'm glad you've decided to pursue prose poetry, Nic. This piece really speaks to me. Great job!

  2. I like what you said about being bound to silence, and the notion of Pandora's Box. When I can write, I wonder if I am heard, and when the box is open, I must be careful what I say.

  3. It can be most frustrating to feel uninspired, or empty. When the muse returns, its like an opening of flood gates, or the changing of water. I feel honored that MDJB included me with the most amazing two pieces about time, what a way to finish off the old year and bring in the new!

  4. Nic, I love it. Your voice flowed in this. I have felt the same way lately. Your muse just took a break and now is back as strong as ever.

  5. Wow. Could I ever relate! Octopus arms of my demons have strangled-silent my muse of late. Thank you for this, Nic!

  6. Most excellent Nic.
    I really like the clean rhythm of your poetic voice.
    No such thing as writers block. It's just a hiccup while dealing with life!:)


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