Featured Writers


Text Curse
Amy Hale Auker
OFWC 2012 3rd Place:   Two Dishes of Very Nice Salad
Javed Baloch (Leviathan)
The God Tree
A God Dances Through Me
Brian Barbeito
Osho Rajneesh: Some feet of clay are okay
Jacob Easton Ellis (of Cowboys, Indians, and Colombians)
How The Globalists Ruined My Summer Vacation
Strawberry Blizzards and the Holy Ghost
Damascus or Bust
Nascent Talk with the Gypsy
Cath Barton
Not a Good Start to the Weekend
Heading for Lake Titicaca
Barry Basden
Three Short Pieces
Paul Beckman
Argyle Nights
Brittany Beltram
Emotional Geography
Deboleena Bose
Hazel Eyes
Salvatore Buttaci
Hazy, Hot, and Humid
Adam Byatt
The Sins of the Father
Chocolate Biscuits
Comic Superhero
Tears of Regret
Checking Out
Fade to Black
The Apparatus
The Littlest Truck Driver
Attack of the Fur
The Crow and the Eyeball
Bolton Carley
Crazy Is As Crazy Does
HoW addiction got me here
Jeanette Cheezum
Little Black Dress
What if...?
Underground Hope
Miss Emma
Blake Cooper
Turning a Corner
Elliott Cox
I Lean on Jim
Lightning Strikes
Teresa Cortez
The Green Dress
Bryan Curtis
Going Out
J.K. Davies
Foot & Mouth
Sandra Davies
Theme for a Summer Place
Curve of Early Learning
Arc of Adaptation
Best Laid Plans
'From battle and murder, and from sudden death'
Edward Dean
The Road
Sam's Club
Bob Boyce (I'll Be Around)
Joey Delgado
Paul de Denus
Murderer's Road
The Amber Sea
Going to Find Out on Christmas Morning
The Attraction
Dark Black
I Suspect...
Rod Drake
The Murder Game
Kim Farleigh
Laz Farrell
A July Morning
Bill Floyd
Performance Art
Horror Novels and Real Terror
Distant Sighting
Anti-Madonna (or Even Rough Beasts Have Mothers)
OFWC 2012 2nd Place:   Obsolete Medium
Joe Gensle
Peace Under the Olive Branch
Joe Gensle's "The Battery"
Prey of a Grey Panther
j guevara
Liz Haigh
Jared Handley
Mike Handley
Time to Go
Jim Harrington
He Hoped She'd Come Around
T.R. Healy
Catch of the Day
Kyle Hemmings
How the D Train Saved Me Cab Fare One Morning

Nicole E. Hirschi
The Life of This Writer
Jamie Hogan
Hope Finds Travis
The Rumor of Oregon
Rich Ives
Flash Group: Confessional, Consequence, et al.
Grey Johnson
Staying True to Her
Requiring a Swift and Precise Adjustment
A Body of Water Invites All Things
All the Reasons
Lucinda Kempe
East Blue Portrait German River
A.J. Kirby
Coffin Cut
Len Kuntz
Thunder Comes Around
Bill Lapham
The Churn
You Have Your Drones...
Any Second
Turner, Raymond K.
Appomattox Exodus
An Homage to Trumbo
The Power of Her Words
OFWC 2012 1st Place:   You Shall Be My Brother
Suvi Mahonen
Donal Mahoney
Behind the Barn with Carol Ann
Back Then and Write Now
Paddy Murphy's Wake
Mike Fitzgibbons and His Morning Paper
Patsy Foley Was Roly-Poly in 1947
A Disgusting Thing
The Bully, the Psychopath, Libby and Lorraine
George Masters
The Monster
Peter McNiff
Anger Management
The Dogs of San Francisco
Robert Morschel (Mulled Vine)
Eric Müller
Matthew Müller
The Girl from the Video Store
Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge
Jenny Picciotto
Digging Up the Past
Vivian Faith Prescott
A Dead Woman's Shoes
In My Father's Cabin

Sam Raddon
The Soul
Brad Rose
Clown Art
Farida Samekhanova
Three Flash Fictions
John Sheirer
One Bite
Gita M. Smith
Tale of a Salamander
The Late Show at the Argo
Diplomatic Relations
The Tractor Thief's Jacket
Travis Smith
Price to Be Paid
Michael J. Solender
Never to Call Your Name
Edward Strand
Along the Meridian
Eric Suhem
The Balloon Fiend
Thomas Sullivan
Meeting the Suburban Gangbanger
Harris Tobias
Fill 'er Up
Grandma Bixby's Teeth
A Taste for Music
The Bay It Buzz
A Fish Story
The Travel Agent
Crown of Thorns
The Blob-A Memoir
The Element of Ritual
A Chanukah Story
The Finger
Otto & the Cloth Baby
The Samaritan
Goldilocks: The Epilogue
Nathaniel Tower
Skydivers and Pornographers
Patrick Trotti
Green with Envy
Toby Tucker Hecht
J.O. Vaughn
Townsend Walker
Dog Shot
Mike Whitney
Looking Ahead at the Past...
Janet Yung
Emily at the Piano


Debbi Antebi
Chasing Time
Diana E. Backhouse
My Thingamajig
Gary Beck
Songs of a Clerk
Mike Berger
Run Away
Gary Carson
The Weather of Railroads
Thunderstorm Seen As an Event of the Central Nervous System
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Half Blind
At This Hour
Flowers for Her
Death Knows No Mercy
The Battle for Time
Sandra Davies
A Stone for Effie
Circle of Celebration
Ed Dean
The Dark Side of 14
Holly Day
This Man
Breathless Lullaby
Armageddon, Marilyn-Style
I Know She Loved Me
Paul de Denus
This Old House
On Blue Paper
Yard Sale
A Cop Can Make You Twitchy
Tossing Cards
William Doreski
Lyra, Cygnus, Libra, Scorpius
Tossing Your Room
Magic Easy to Believe
Karyn Eisler
Kiddie Cocktail
all inKlusive
Neil Ellman
Four Ekphrastic Poems (1)
Four Ekphrastic Poems (2)
Joseph Farley
Chinatown to Chinatown
Working in the Crematorium
In the Dark Hours
Mike Finley
Kansas & Arkansas
Bill Floyd
Plague Clock
Ricky Garni
It's Hard
Reading George Eliot Today
Howie Good
Imaginary Crimes
Mitch Grabois
Tossing the I Ching
He's Hardly a Robin
He'd Never Met a Skinhead Hater
Five Poems
John Grey
Sudden Dust Storm
On the Death of Luella
The Drumming of the Eternal
Invaders, The Hooker with the Rose Tattoo, and Chips Almost Cashed In
The Sounds of January
Three Poems
Kenneth P. Gurney
Half-Past Middle Age
First November Tuesday
We Took a Slow Walk to Paris

A.J. Huffman
A Different Kind of Angel
Learning to Choose Exile
Into the Locked Box of Unbeing
Feathers and Dynamite
The Sense of the Serpent
Beaches of Isolation
Watching a Waving That Might Be a Drowning
Stopping for Tea
3 Stages Past Basic
Rich Ives
Poetry Group 5-10 Embalming Clouds, Pocket Full of Wings, et al.
Rusty Kjarvik
Another worldview
Northern mind
Lonesome day of movement
I’ve been taken, not today.
If I could speak...
Steve Klepetar
It's No Surprise
I have melted the gold
The Other Face
When Is the World Not Entirely There?
The Last Cowboy
Bill Lapham
Abigale Louise LeCavalier
A Whole Hole
The Simple Life
Donal Mahoney
Crackling Again
In Memphis On Business
Father Spoke in Code
That's Our Song Back When
Thomas Michael McDade
Rattle Wishes
Hal O'Leary
Vivian Faith Prescott
A Dead Woman's Shoes
In My Father's Cabin
Joseph Robert
I'm Happy
The Good
Blow Hard
Irritable Bastard Syndrome
Altar in a Cornfield
Brad Rose
Arrow of Time
April Salzano
Four Poems including:
The Road to Back Road, Incoming Freshmen, Dinner with Freud, and Riding a Dead Horse

Gita M. Smith
Tonton Macoute
Shelby Stephenson
"I rise because you sink"
"I say I'm always wanting you"
"I want to hold your hand"
Leilanie Stewart
A Faraday Cage will keep you safe
Thou dost protest too much
Life is a-changing
Long Haul
Show, Not Tell
Ripe Fruit
Stephen Stribbell
A Halo of Flies
Harris Tobias
Time Traveler
Three Poems
Outside My Window
Stephen Torelli
The Ironic Garden
Theresa Vitale
Three Brief Poems


Michael D. Brown
Manifest Destiny
Micro-Fiction Comics
These Shoes
52 Pick-Up
The MuDJoB Story
Don't Open 'til Christmas
It Takes a Village
Five Fictions: Sparsely Furnished Dream, Uncanny, Twilight Weekends & Whistling, Mood Indigo, Slipstream

The Light in Loreto

The Light in Loreto by Álvaro Zúñiga Scott, nearing middle-age, loses his job.Thinking a little time away might help him decide his future,...